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Am I the only one somewhat surprised that they were actually cleaning the playpens? Even as a kid I wouldn't go near those things because they were always so dirty.
One of my boys works part-time at McDonald's with a play land. His most dreaded task is cleaning the play pen. He does it routinely though, more often than I would have thought given the usual state. But that too probably explains why they are so is 16 year old kids who don't want to do it that are responsible for the cleaning.

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as a hijack here, I started cutting when I was approx. 7 or 8 as well. I could never reach razor blades though, so I carried scissors, and sometimes broken glass.
I am an admittedly overprotective parent, and probably too micro-managing of my kids than is good for them, but I can say without a doubt that none of mine at that age would have been able to carry razor blades or scissors in their pockets without my knowledge. And if I knew about such a thing...well they still would not have carried them around.

It never occurred to me that a child young enough to be in the play area (son's McD's has a height limit of 42") would be inclined to carry cutting implements.
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