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Around the tire? So that the tread was squashing it into the pavement with every bit of movement? The description would have to be either circular like thread on a bobbin, in which some part at every moment would be crushed, or like a band around both sides, which would have two parts crushed every time the tire made a single rotation. This is not healthy for the snake.

There are only two ways for a snake to survive on a moving tire. One is to fit between the treads, but it could not readily hold to the sides unless it was as wide as the gaps, but the gaps are not as deep as they are wide generally, and they get squished down where in contact with the ground, so the snake would both be squashed and be beaten against the ground with every turn. Or, it could climb inside the hubcap; it could survive that, but it could not possible accomplish this feat if a vehicle is moving, particularly if part of the snake was pinned to the ground by the tire running over it.

This is way too much analysis for a really stupid concept.
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