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Originally Posted by UEL View Post
I'd read the whole article. The "genes in the food" comment was about the early days of GMO..
The problem isn't the time to read the whole article. The problem is to find the time to take it apart, bit by bit; check the specific cites and see which ones I've already addressed and find and link to the posts where I've done so; read, consider, and respond to anything I haven't already dealt with multiple times before; and to point out the parts where the author's improperly describing what organic farmers actually do, and either find and link to my previous posts on those subjects or write new explanations.

And I have been in organic farming since before GMO's were an issue. I have never heard anyone complaining, early or late, on the grounds that there were "genes in their food." It's a straw man.

I need to go cultivate a field now, and water some fruit trees.
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