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Originally Posted by Furienna View Post
Okay, now it makes more sense to me. But I have already stated many times, that I don't defend slavery. I don't see though how showing an ex-slave being satisfied with his life is so offensive, that people would complain already when the movie was made back in the 1940s. I guess that many people don't understand that it took place after slavery was abolished, so that Uncle Remus was a free man. But still...
First of all, in the two posts of yours that I quoted when making the reply that you just replied to, you were explicitly referring to slaves, not to ex-slaves. So whether or not the movie does so doesn't really affect what I was saying.

Second of all, or maybe it ought to be first: ending slavery didn't immediately make everything fine. The masssive cultural destruction and individual damage that slavery had caused is still working its way out today, let alone back in the 1940's -- not to mention in the 1870's.
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