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Comment: It truely amazes me that you people consider the imigration issue
in this country to irrelevant, out dated, eronious, etc. How is it
irrelevant, that people break the law coming into this country illegally
and are not prosecuted? How is it irrelevant that a great many of these
people have no desire to truely become a part of this country, learning
its language, respecting its culture, constitution, laws, beleifs, or
flag? How is it irrevelant that they recieve free health care when many of
us ( born citizens ) can not afford insurance? How is it irrelevant that
they recieve subsidies from the government when they have paid nothing in,
after we have paid in all of our lives? And don't say they don't, because
it is a fact taht they actually do. How is it irelevant that all they have
to do to keep from being sent home is to have a baby in this country, at
OUR expense? Do you people know the meaning of "irrelevant"?
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