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Comment: I recently got an email which quoted this article and finished by
bashing President Obama.

The article was represented as being an accurate statement from Mr.
Iaccocca, however, upon investigation I found many inserted words directed
at the present administration.

Although every American is entitled to their opinion I find it more than
frustrating that representing someone else's opinion as theirs and
misquoting to fit the context of their adjenda is acceptable.

How can this crap be stopped. Should we allow any idiot to misquote
anybody and the stupid to believe this crap.

Or should we think more about the well being of this country of ours and
be careful of the opinions of retired wantabees that could be misquoted
and misdirected because of political agendas.

I have never liked politics and I guess I never will but I do value a
person's word until proven otherwise.

I am labled as arrogant and stuborn, but, those who claim to be American
Patriots are doing their best to ruin this country by misdirecting those
who will believe anything.

I am truly ashamed of the email that was sent to me and I can only wish
that others will see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is all about
selling a damn book and has no bearing on trying to be part of the

In closing, all of the items mentioned in the article have been set in
motion since the beginning of American Politics.
Both parties have had their hands soiled by greed and "The American Way".
But in no way can all of this be laid on the doorstop of our new President
who is trying to fight the impossible fight.

In our current day, The Republican Party, who for eight years festered the
current infection (from Wall Street to the Health Care Industry), is now
content with subversion.

Have we all forgotten what subversion is??????????????
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