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Section 112 of the Criminal Code deals with the killing of the Head of State.
Section 237 is "regular" murder.

Dealing with minimum sentences.

The committee's proposal was only made exception in 112 of the killing of the head of state, and therein was not made any change at lovrevisionens adoption in 1952. As mentioned previously, 112 one of the few current examples of increased punishment minimum.
If you removed the 5-year minimum in 237 (and also 6 years minimum in 112), one would thus quite consistently have implemented the principle that imprisonment penalty fixed minimum applies to all prison environment, whether in the case of serious or less serious crimes. It could, on the other hand could hardly be described as any irresponsible or illogical condition of 237 and 112 as the only provisions contained elevated strafminima
The Council has therefore found no reason to propose amending 112
It is in this context also be mentioned that certain deed types, which, by their nature could have been built in one provision respectively normal penalty and associated side sentence (s) are listed in separate provisions. To illustrate this example. identified Penal Code 112 and 237, dealing respectively with royal murder and manslaughter, where the respective provisions is a penalty of imprisonment up to life imprisonment with an increased minimum of 6 years and 5 years.
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