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Houston Euler
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Default Mandatory minimum sentence for regicide in Denmark is 6 years

There are two references to this on wikipedia, but no source. And I've tried googling for a while but came up empty.
"In Denmark manddrab (manslaughter) is the term used by the Danish penalty law to describe the act of intentionally killing another person. No distinction between manslaughter and murder exists. The penalty goes from a minimum of five years (six years in the case of regicide) to imprisonment for life."
"Denmark has mandatory minimum sentences for murder (five years to life) and regicide (six years to life), and for carrying an illegal knife (one week).[citation needed]"

Proof that real people have either been duped or are spreading it:

The information in the second page dates back to 2008 or 2009, while the first dates to about 2010. Any Danes want to check with a Danish lawyer?
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