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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
Can we start there, but add on? 30 minutes every two or three hours spent giving a short rundown of each of the most important stories for that area. Another 30 minutes giving a short rundown of things going on elsewhere. And the rest of the time spent going into specific stories in detail, 30 minutes to an hour on each one -- with which ones are chosen for this being selected, at least half, by random drawing, rather than by the specific newscaster's idea of what's important. Come to think of it, ten minutes out of each of the 30 minute segments should be selected the same way.

The only problem is, when would I get anything else done?
Maybe we could put together a new version of NBC News Overnight. (Read Linda Ellerbe's And So It Goes: Adventures in Television, if you can find a copy...)
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