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Originally Posted by Dannycrat View Post
It is likely it was not intended to mean ‘penis’ in the original story
It seems from that quote that he did mean it as "penis" or "testicles" in that context, but also that it was already an in-joke of his from some other context that, as you say, we shall no doubt never know. In the various Willy Wonka books, it's still less of a euphemism than the name Willy Wonka is in English English...

No doubt Roald Dahl was sometimes making private jokes, but so is every writer, even childrens' writers.

(eta) Coincidentally, my friends told me off earlier because I'd apparently shouted "penis" too loudly in the pub. I don't say these things out of context, so perhaps I was just talking too loudly in general. I do that sometimes.
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