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"Not exactly a eunuch then."

"It didn't look like it."

"How did you manage to roll the old rubbery thing on him?"

"There's only one way when they get violent," Yasmin said. "I grabbed hold of his snozzberry and hung onto it like grim death and gave it a twist or two to make him hold still."

"Very effective." "I'll bet it is."

"You can lead them around anywhere you want like that."

"I'm sure."

"It's like putting a twitch on a horse."
From Page 141 of Roald Dahl’s “My Uncle Oswald”.

The Cracked humor article can be labelled as unconfirmed (unconfirmable) but possible.

The quote is, as quoted above, in and of itself a real part of the story.

What can NOT be confirmed is Roald Dahl’s intent.

His books are filled with sly humor and nonsense (as this too can be labeled) that might mean something to him or be a part of the whimsy.

It’s completely possible he was making a funny reference to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory using the term ‘snozzberry’ as a euphemism for penis. As we do in modern day, real-world situations as well.

It is likely it was not intended to mean ‘penis’ in the original story

In a story that is literally about drugging powerful men and sleeping with them in 1979 (Willy Wonka was published in 1964) it can be assumed to be a product of the times. During the 70’s such behavior was not seen as rape and it would be simplistic to retroactively term it so (though of course completely right to term it as morally wrong).

‘Snozz’ is also a commonly used slang term for ‘Nose’ which probably identified it originally as simply being a nasty tasting fruit for the kids to taste in “Willy Wonka”, probably equal to naming it “Snot”berry.

Dahl uses other whimsical ways of describing things, going out of his way to call condoms “Rubbery things” throughout the whole of “My Uncle Oswald”. It isn’t a huge leap to then name male genitalia after a nasty tasting fruit because it made him chuckle, or floored with a self-reference.
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