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Mister Ed

I didn't enjoy the piece at all, I thought the writer had a little less imagination than the average town drunk.

I will second the doubts about "bust your chops" explanation. I guess the author thought that drawing of an Edwardian/Victorian gentleman was representative of our Founding Fathers? I know, it was so long ago that there are no pictures of them.

Sheesh! And his "bite the bullet" remarks smacks of the ungunned class--a carbine being a shortened rifle, not a paper cartridge or cap and ball type of firearm.
And "basket case", as one of the article comments points out, is a reference to the stereotype of insane asylums having the inmates weave baskets to pass the time and pay for their keep (probably).

Enough, some brain drano please!

Ali "bite the short ones" Infree
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