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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
How would Tylenol preclude abuse?

TL, yes, taking too much Tylenol it can damage your liver and kidneys. I think that's true of most medications, but AIUI the risk threshold for Tylenol is significantly lower than for other OTC meds like ibuprofen.
It's the same thinking that led to thousands of poisoning deaths during prohibition. Ethyl alcohol was still a useful solvent. To try to keep people from drinking it, the government ordered manufacturers to add poisonous solvents (that's what the denatured alcohol is that you can buy at the hardware store). So it still got diverted, people still drank it, and thousands of people died. Cite:

With hydrocodone, acetaminofen is added to the formulation because it is ostensibly also useful for the pain, and it makes it a schedule III drug, because scheduling is based on the potential for abuse, and having it be more dangerous to abuse probably does actually reduce abuse.

TL, ibuprofen is not as toxic to the liver, but has some danger of causing gastric bleeding if you take a lot. (IANAD this is just what I've read or been told about taking them).

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