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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
More importantly, Pan and the lost boys have no parents, with central themes being having no mother and wanting a mother. (They never mention missing their dads, as far as I can recall.)
Peter Pan is interesting. The whole reason Wendy and her brothers are brought to Neverland in the first place is because Peter wants Wendy to be a mother to him and the Lost Boys. So mothers have immense value. Fathers, on the other hand? Definitely not so much. Mr Darling is depicted, in the book, play and Disney movie as being pretty clueless about his kids and in some ways is seen as the bad guy in some of his actions. Which makes it less than coincidental that the same actor almost invariably plays Captain Hook (not in the Disney cartoon of course!) -- it may, of course, be to have a smaller cast -- but I've always believed there was a deeper message at work there. Mothers are warm and nurturing - fathers will make you walk the plank .
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