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I imagine some actors are really doing it while others are pretending. Tom Hanks was interviewed recently for his role in Saving Mr. Banks and he explained some of the new ratings rules. Apparently, now, you can show smoking, but it'll get a higher rating (I think a cigarette being smoked in a movie is now an automatic PG-13 rating.) For that movie, they just had a scene where he puts a cigarette out, to at least give some realistic portrayal of Walt Disney, who smoked all the time. But he couldn't actually smoke in the movie, because they wanted it to have a family friendly rating.

I found this article about non-smokers playing smoker roles.

Actors who aren't tobacco users can choose from one of the many herbal cigarettes on the market. (Generally, advertising for these products targets tobacco smokers who are having trouble quitting or people who want to look cool and fit in but want something healthier than tobacco, pitches that have raised eyebrows at enforcement agencies, as you might expect.) Herbal cigarettes are made with various supposedly innocuous substances, including clover flowers, marshmallow leaves, and rose petals, and may be infused with ginseng, vanilla, menthol, or other substances to improve the taste - which, it must be said, is often surprisingly nasty for the first-time smoker.
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