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Originally Posted by Richard Davies View Post
I've heard the Tonight Show used to allow guests to smoke for a long time, with long time smoker Johnny Carson also lighting up.

Well into the 1970s Irish comedian Dave Allen used to both drink & smoke while performing his monologues from a chair with an ashtray & glass holder built into the arms.

Certainly I can't think of anyone presenting a show in the 1980s while smoking.

Even in the original version of The Office someone smoking in a common room in 2001-2 seemed a little behind the times. All the offices I've worked in since 1998 have expected staff to smoke outside.
I saw Stanley Kubrick's The Shining a couple of weeks back. One of the things I noticed, was that Wendy was smoking while Danny was around. I sort of wondered, when they show smoking scenes in the film, are the actors actually doing it, or pretending? Back in 1980, it might have still have been semi-acceptable to actually smoke on set with a child around.

Not today, methinks.
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