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Using an AED does not necessarily mean exposing a woman's breast, as she may well be wearing a bra.
I am a First Aid, CPR and AED instructor. A bra should be removed from the chest area before using an AED and or doing CPR.

Don't many US states have a "Good Samaritan" law that protects people providing first aid from lawsuits?
Yes, although it doesn't apply in all circumstances.

You don't remove clothing to stop bleeding in a first aid situation, was my point.
I disagree. I think there are many times it would be good to remove clothing to treat a bleeding wound. In my experience blood soaked clothing can hide the true location of , and the true nature of a wound pretty easily. Removing the clothing to assess and property treat a wound is I think a pretty basic first aid step and something that a person with first aid training is capable of.
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