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Going to the site, I found that the USGS does have an island called "Rhode Island" on a topo map of the area. Most folks (especially in the state) know it as "Aquidneck Island".

(Bear in mind this link MIGHT not take you to the specific site. When I copied-and-pasted the address, I was looking at a topographical map because the original map I was looking at wouldn't allow me to zoom in far enough to see the Rhode Island area as anything larger than a smudge. When I entered the c&p'ed link back into my browser, I got a basic map, rather than the topo map I was originally looking at. Also, the USGS offers these maps for sale, so the link might not work for others but as I had been recently "browsing" on the site, my ISP address was recognized and so the image was "saved" in much the same way other online stores allow for quick links to particular items of interest. Also, only the topographic map calls it "Rhode Island"; the main map and the "hybrid" map both use "Aquidneck Island.)
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