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Originally Posted by CannonFodder View Post
Well, compared to York it's pretty new. What about Dehli vs. New Dehli? I guess I can go google old Dehli.
Since a York and an Isle of Jersey already existed, the naming of New York (which was once New Amsterdam - why they changed it I can't say, maybe they liked it better that way?) in honor of the originals would make sense. Since new, in this instance, means newer, it doesn't really compare to calling a peninsula an island...or so.

As for New Delhi, as with most cities in India, its name is the bastardization of its original Hindi...My Indian brother-in-law explained that the city's name is something like "nee-dee-LEE" and the Brits just called it New Delhi because they couldn't speak the native tongue. Bombay - Mumbai...Hell, us english speakers are so lazy we couldn't even say Porto Rico correctly.
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