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Icon86 Herpes sacs

Comment: I've seen this rumor in several different incarnations.

"This is concerning my friend's friend. He was eating out this girl and he
had a small mint in his mouth. Well he loses it so he goes chompin around
trying to find it. Well he finallly finds what he thinks is it and bites
down on it. What he bit down on was a small HERPES SAC. So he bites down
on it and it oozes everywhere, including his mouth." from


"Today, I was goin down on this girl and she told me to put some
starbursts in her and eat them out. I end up eating four and one of them
tasted really bad, even though i only put three in. Then I realized the
last one was a herpes sac. FML" from

Is this possible? Is this true? Thanks [:
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