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Icon07 "Tramp stamp" = anal sex

Comment: I am writing to ask you to disillusion millions of men

I'm talking about the "Tramp Stamp" myth. Many men believe that when a
woman gets a tattoo on her lower back, it means that she is willing to do

I've asked around to all of my friends. None of us had that in mind when
we got our tattoos. Frankly, if we knew that would be the assumption, we
wouldn't have gotten them. The reason so many girls get tattoos on their
lower backs is because it's easily hidden in formal situations, and it
will not stretch when you gain weight--with pregnancy, for instance.

A tattoo on your legs or shoulder is impossible to hide in most formal
dresses, and a tattoo on your stomach or breasts is going to stretch and
look really bad when you are old.

None of the girls with tattoos on their lower backs that I've spoken to
have gotten them in order to indicate a willingness to have Anal Sex.
Heck, most of the ones I've spoken to have had to have some really
annoying conversations with men because of it. This is especially
annoying for those who got their tattoos before they were common, in the
early nineties.

PLEASE publish something. It won't stop everyone, but I have noticed that
when something is on Snopes, you can direct people to it and they believe
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