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Comment: My mom swears she remembers seeing an episode of "Kids Say the
Darndest Things" where a couple of children started giggling. When Art
Linklater asked them what was so funny, one of them responded "Leroy
farted!". The show then went abruptly off the air.

It sounds plausible, but it also sounds like that persistent Groucho Marx
"cigar" urban legend.

A cursory search on the internet only brought up people who also swears
that it's true (which, maybe it is).

My dad swears up and down that this happened on the Cousin Cliff show back when he was a kid (the exact story...the name was Leroy and everything). And he tells it with such enthusiam and it makes him laugh so much and smile so lightheartedly that I'll let him keep believing this one. No harn, no foul.

ETA: Quick Google search attributes this incident to Kids Say, Trooper Terry, Happy Dan, Howdy Doody, Captain O'Hap's Popeye Clubhouse, and Cowboy John. Add that to my dad's version with Cousin Cliff.....
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