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Originally Posted by BlueStar View Post
I'm sorry, but that is definitely the feeling I've had in the past from the site and certainly what I would expect from a site which states on it's main page that its goal is to

Something that said that about ANY religion is not somewhere I would first head to for impartial analysis of their religious texts.

This is true. But once you read the Islamic texts (Quran/Tafseer/ahadith/Sira etc..) do you think you would have an 'impartial view' of Islam/ Have you read any texts? Have a look at the FFI challenge here:

All of this information to make these charges against the "best example for all mankind" (Muhammad) are made within Islam's texts. Since Muhammad's example is to be followed for all time, then Allah/Muhamamd are telling Muslims its perfectly acceptable to do all of these things to this very day.

You are of course, welcome to have your opinion; but where shall we go for an unbiased look at Islam? An Islamic site? Of course they believe the Quran and Muhammad are infalliable, error free and the epitome of morality! At FFI we do not lie about the Islamic texts; all Muslims have to do is prove the charges wrong and it will be removed (with an apology forthcoming). Refute all the charges and the site goes away.

Why, if our look is so 'biased' and we (as you seem to think) 'cherry pick' the 'bad parts' have No islamic scholars/experts etc.. been able to refute the accusations we level against Muhammad (the best example for all of us to follow for ALL TIME)?

Sorry to keep repeating that, but I just need to reinterate that Rape, Paedophilia, Terrorism, Mass murder, banditry, piracy, misnogymy etc.. are all "admirable traits" for Muslims to have, because Muhammad did it.

Anyway, sorry to go on so long; I do appreciate your opinion Thank you

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