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Originally Posted by MichiganGirl View Post
KC, didn't you know, only Muslims can intrepret the Hadith. Not the lowly non-muslims (or those of us who have left Islam)? It means what they want it to mean, or at least what they are willing to admit what it means in front of non-muslims. Even though it says you can hit your wife, it doesn't actually mean that (unless you're a Muslim who wants to hit your wife).
This is so true! Also many Muslims do not know much about the religion besides the day to day stuff. So they are told "only scholars can interpret the Quran/ahadith" so if they DO look into the hadith and find something horrible they then know that 'they can't interpret it themselves' to they take the information to an Imam (Religious leader) who will 'explain it for them' (read pacify their doubts).

Originally Posted by Ganzfeld
I don't think it's quite as clear cut as that. There are over a billion Muslims in the world and I'm pretty sure only a few of them treat their women as they were 1300 years ago. Another thing that you have to consider is that Islam 1300 years ago was "ahead of its time" in some ways regarding women's rights. So, while I agree that the current record is not very good in many Muslim countries*, and extremely bad (much worse than Islam 1300 years ago) in a few of them, your post is not really correct. (* I wrote "countries" but what I really meant was countries/families/clans/sects, etc.)
Whoah! What rights did Arabs have after Islam that they did not have BEFORE it? The only thing they got with Islam (that wasn't present before) was extreme prejudice against Women.

Please tell us what rights women had after Islam that they did not have before it. I require evidence as to conditions in the Jahiliya.

Originally Posted by Blue Star
Then how come they're in English?
What good would it do to present the ahadith in arabic? Do you speak arabic? Does everyone else? I present them in English to everyone can understand.


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