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Originally Posted by andak01 View Post
You obviously don't accept the word of Dr. Badawi, an internationally noted scholar on Islam. Why should I accept the out of context translations with your dramatic bolding?
What do you mean they are 'out of context'? I have provided each hadith in its entirety. You are free to check them (I have provided the V,B&N for you to do this). Sure, I can accept what the scholar's say; however if their own texts contadict them, then no, I do not accept it.

Now, my questions:
(a) Are you going to stick to your interpretation even though I have shown you Islamic texts that contradict your claims?
(b) Which sites were you referring to as "Christian missionary sites"?
(c) Are you a Muslim? (this would answer a lot)

Please address my posts properly; claiming they are 'quotes out of context' is ludicrious! Do you have anything to say at all??


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