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Actually, I see it as a good sign that moderate Muslims are trying to interpret scripture in a way that is less violent and more tolerant. It means that the very basic concept of women's rights is being acknowledged.
It's a very old interpretation, it just doesn't make the same headlines as faithfreedom or MEMRI. I'm sure the Christian missionary sites know more about Islam than Muslims do, but I'll content myself to the interpretation I've come to from reading the Quran and Sunna and the interpretations of various Sheikhs.

I don't really care if it requires a revisionist interpretation of the Koran; I'm just happy if more and more Muslims stop tolerating violence against women.
Muhammad said don't beat your wife.

...How does anyone of you beat his wife as he beats the stallion camel
and then he may embrace (sleep with) her?...
Al-Bukhari,op.cit., vol.8.hadith 68,pp.42-43).

d. True following of the sunnah is to follow the example of the
Prophet Muhammad (P), who NEVER RESORTED TO THAT MEASURE, regardless
of the circumstances.

Muslim countries have the same need for women's shelters and the same issue with violence against women as that found elsewhere. Women's shelters and counciling are a relatively recent solution in the west and admittedly, the Middle East has a lot to do to catch up. However, the idea that Muslim men are typically wife beaters and Christians are not is not backed up by the facts.

This is a common issue that can be resolved in an interfaith way instead of demonizing and alienating Muslims unnecessarily.
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