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As they say here in Illinois: Vote early, vote often!

Voted before going in to work. Voting for Governor was a "hold your nose and choose" experience. Two ultra-rich white guys buying their way into the office. The incumbent Republican doesn't understand the meaning of the word "compromise", and since the Democrats have a HAMERLOCK on the state legislature, he got absolutely nothing done in 4 years. The Democrat running will win the office, but the concern is that he will be a sock puppet for the head of the Illinois Democratic party, who has royally #!(^ed over the state. Thought of writing in "Cthulu" - why vote for the lesser evil?

Over and over again, I see good candidates in the primaries that get trounced by extreme party wonks. I don't think I've truly "liked" a candidate for Governor in the general election in 20 years.

One of the more interesting races is for Attorney General. Incumbent (daughter of above said Democratic Party leader) is not running. While in office, she's done a good job, but has done (almost) nothing with political corruption in Illinois, letting the Feds worry about that. The Republican candidate is campaigning almost exclusively as "I'm going to go after corrupt politicians", and the Democrat is campaigning as "She's extremely conservative, and I'm just like the incumbent".
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