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here are appliances, clothing, preserved food, an original copy of the script of Gone With the Wind donated by its director, a bottle of Vaseline, and a “Negro doll.” There’s even a phonograph designed to teach English words if future civilizations have forgotten the language.
I guess my question would be, what are "Negro doll[s]" and are they racist? Something tells me it was probably just a traditional sort of thing, with no ill-intent, and therefore not at all racist.

Literally underground, it carries a message for the future that many people today wouldn’t want delivered yet that could still be seen as a valuable reminder of the past. If it somehow does reach our distant descendants, what will it teach them?
Well, if critical thinking remains something humans are capable of, and perhaps even more (hopefully) people consider it a virtue, it will teach them that there was at least one man who held to certain ignorant beliefs in the 1930s and into at least 1940. If they care to know more, perhaps they'll hit the history taps from there? Because people will learn by tapping into electronic databases, which will then transfer data to their cybernetic minds.

And we'll all live in cities on the moon--just not Earth's moon.

Also, I believe they'll take this as an example of honest signalling, perhaps intended to attract a mate or ward off predators, by showing an abundance of resources that could be locked away and essentially disposed of in a costly manner, signaling to others that this person was one of means.
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