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Originally Posted by damian View Post
I don't believe in the whole idea of cultural appropriation. As an idea, it may have been a real problem, but nowadays, it only seems to apply to one particular culture.
If that’s your position and not just some trolling, then perhaps rather than making absurd claims that having one’s hair dyed blonde-ish is somehow cultural appropriation when no one, not even you, is seriously advancing that position.

Perhaps you could instead counter with an actual example and show how so-called appropriation, as widely recognized by "SJWs", is either a) totally not harmful/margianalizing/demeaning to the source cultures or b) how those negative effects, while real, are outweighed by other positive effects or c) cultural appropriation is bad and you feel that... dare I say historically privileged, populations (like whites in America or Australia) have been harmed by it as well and here’s some example.
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