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Originally Posted by damian View Post
I was creating an equally ridiculous example of this made-up complaint of "cultural appropriation". That's a silly term that SJWs have created to try to male white people feel ashamed of being white. I have no reason to be proud or ashamed of my race, as I can only feel pride or shame about what I have done. To blame or praise me for the actions of others that share a skin tone is, what's the word.....racist?
Here’s the problem with that: your ridiculous example is complete nonsense.

Frat boy wearing an Indian war bonnet: Cultural appropriation, because it takes something held as sacred and reduces it to a dime-a-dozen accessory. That is a legitimate concern.

Woman bleaching/dying hair: a thing that is done all over the world. It has as much cultural relevance as owning a cat.
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