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Originally Posted by Seaboe Muffinchucker View Post
But this increasingly shrill demand that every password for every account has to be different, has to have characters the hacking programs know you'll use, and has to not be a real word makes it impossible to remember them all.
I've recently developed a new password methodology that has helped me with this. I've developed a password seed based on my old standard password that is thirteen characters long and meets all the standard password requirements of upper ,lower, special, and numeric characters. I then salt this base password with a prepended string that identifies that site/service for which I am creating a password. This creates a very long password that, at least at this time, would take a very long time to brute force, but is easily remembered.

I.E. My passwords now look something like "bank-passw0rdSEED" "socialmedia-passw0rdSEED", "randomwebsite-passw0rdSEED", etc.

I have also learned that the habit I got into, when I got my own email mail server some two decades ago, of giving every service and company that requests an email address an address unique to that service has apparently been protecting me from more then just from the junk mail for which I originally started doing this. One of the main things hackers are looking for when they break into some service and steal their user database is email addresses. They can then use these email address at other companies and services to try and access the stolen users accounts. Since I do not use the same email at any two companies this makes it more difficult for anybody to discover my other accounts.
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