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Is it illegal for a doctor to write out a prescription outside of of an office visit, and outside of a previous doctor-patient relationship, for someone they barely know? A friend works around medical professionals (but is not one) and has only bare-bones health insurance, which prevents them from getting much needed care. Even though the medication they need is an inexpensive generic they have been unable to afford the office visit needed to get the prescription filled. Earlier this morning, when they got off work, they texted me saying that one of the doctors they work around took pity on them and wrote the prescription, and they were able to get it filled just fine at a major chain pharmacy on their way home. I'm worried that my friend - not to mention the doctor who likely only has good intentions here - could get in some serious trouble if that prescription ever gets questioned. I'm also worried that without proper testing (such as fasting blood sugar and A1C) the medication might not be a safe dose for them, even if it was the dose they used to take. The only advice I had at the time was for them to be very careful in the first days they started taking the medication again, as blood sugar isn't something to mess around with.
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