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I'm not working at the moment so the devices I refer to are personal ones. I did always lock my work laptop when away from my desk. Personally I'm more usually concerned about my personal information than with work information, though...!

I don't deliberately leave my phone or laptop unattended either, but given how easy it is to be robbed or burgled (both of which have happened to me in the past) I still sometimes consider what would happen if other people got hold of them even when I do think they're under my control, and it seems to me that a lot of the "helpful" things put in place by Google and so on to make sure that one never needs to type one's passport are actively undermining the point of having passwords and so on in the first place... When using passwords, I tend to try to go for the weaker password for things that don't matter (which is most things that want you to enter a password), and stronger unique ones for the one or two things that do matter. It's harder to do that when everything tries to log you into everything else, and one sometimes has no idea which account it is whose password one even needs!
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