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For me, it's the words "chappie" and "Aspie." I've already stated my dislike of the term "Aspie" in another thread, so I won't go into it, unless prodded. For any South African Snopesters reading this, while I'm not sure what it means in your country, but on the Internet, it's a term fanfic writers use instead of chapter. It's so damn cutesy and sweet it rots my teeth.

Another little thing that annoys me related to fanfiction: pairing names. There's rarely any that make actual sense and work. Sometimes I wonder if Suzanne Collins named her MCs Katniss and Peeta to try to defeat the people who come up with pairing names; who would admit to shipping KatPee or Peeniss after all? It didn't work, though. They just named that ship EverLark.