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In Seattle, if you intend to cut down more than 3 trees at a time, you have to get permission from the City. Now, to a certain extent, I think this is ridiculous. It's your property, you should be able to decide how many trees it has. At the same time, I don't think trees should be cut down unless there is a good reason.

I currently have 4 trees in my back yard (2 cherry, 1 apple, 1 giant Sequoia). I used to have 3 more (1 pine, 1 Douglas fir, 1 apple).

I had the apple tree cut down because it was unbalanced and beginning to fall over, I cut the Doug fir down at the same time because it was too close to the Sequoia and was beginning to impinge on the neighbor's roof, and I had the pine cut down because it was not healthy.

I also cut down an elm in my front yard because it died. I currently have a hazelnut tree in my front garden that I ruthlessly trim once or twice a year, because it wants to be a tangle of shrubs, and I want it to remain a tree.

My next door neighbors on the West have no trees. My next door neighbor on the east has one--but it's a doozy. A magnolia with a canopy at least 30' in diameter. I need to trim some of its branches soon, as they are over hanging (and touching) my carport roof.