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Originally Posted by ASL View Post
I think itís a little more nuanced than that. I think he was suitably traumatized by flying a nuke through a wormhole and it convinced him that a concerted effort was needed to defend the Earth and that didnít leave room for lone heroes anymore.
That may be part of it, but he was already doing more and more severe things to assuage his guilt before the Battle for New York.

Wait, wait... so youíre telling me that the government is controlled by the Nazis, or rather the same people who controlled the Nazis, and that's why Cap gets to engage in armed rebellion against it? Sounds too far fetched to me, like one of those sovereign citizen conspiracy theories or something.
Yeah, next I'll be trying to tell you that Norse mythology is real.

Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
To get the nitpick out of the way, Winter Soldier was the one with the helicarriers, and I think a lot of the people who give Steve grief, greatly underestimate the impact that reveal had on him.
Right. What I meant was that in Civil War, he was coming off the experience of having had to fight his own government, not that he was doing that fighting during Civil War.

He thought he was on the right side, but it turns out that the organization he was working for, was chock full of Nazis.
To return the nitpick, the organization wasn't full of Nazis, but full of Hydra. Hydra was just as much of an enemy of the Nazis as the Allies were, they were infiltrating and using Hitler's regime, not assisting it. Have you forgotten, "Berlin is on this map!"?
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