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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post

And don't forget, in Civil War, Captain America saw the government deploying three large warships whose first duty was to murder anyone that might challenge or even speak up against their order. Yes, it was Hydra doing that, but Hydra was deeply embedded in the government and whose to say that they caught everyone this time? Not to mention what Fury had been up to.

(Note that the above is based on the movies, I've not been keeping up on the TV shows or comics.)
To get the nitpick out of the way, Winter Soldier was the one with the helicarriers, and I think a lot of the people who give Steve grief, greatly underestimate the impact that reveal had on him.

He thought he was on the right side, but it turns out that the organization he was working for, was chock full of Nazis. All along Steve had been working for the very people he froze himself trying to defeat. And that’s leaving out the part where it turns out that they turned his presumably-dead friend, into their tortured, brainwashed pet assassin.

It’s not too surprising that after all this, Steve might have a difficult time with trusting people, especially government officials. Heck when it comes to Civil War, unlike the comic book version where the choices were “Sign or be imprisoned in very inhumane conditions,” the choices in the movie version was “Sign or retire,” and Steve was willing to accept retirement. Were it not for the mess with Bucky, Steve would have retired and stayed retired.

Speaking of Bucky, Sharon was quite clear that the orders regarding Bucky were shoot on sight, which is called summary execution and is considered a major human rights violation. And the organization that declared it to be a human rights violation? It’s the UN, aka the organization who sent the special forces after Bucky and probably gave them the order in the first place. Under those circumstances, can you blame Steve for taking a very dim view of the UN?

Steve’s not completely one hundred percent in the right about everything, but like Tony, he is dealing with some major PTSD/emotional issues, stuff that has massive impact both physically and mentally.

That was what made Civil War leaps and bounds better than the comic book version. Regardless of whose side you were on, you understood why Steve and Tony would make the choices they did, unlike the comic book where Tony basically became Nazi-Tron. In the Team Iron Versus Team Cap debate, I’m more on Team They’re Both Struggling With PTSD and Make Bad Choices As A Result, or Team Shades of Grey to shorten things. Neither of them were completely in the right or in the wrong, just again struggling with massive emotional issues that led to them jumping to conclusions and making horrible mistakes as a result.
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