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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
I don't think that's quite right. I think Stark's looking to transfer/displace the guilt he feels and figures that if he signs with the government, then anything he does is their fault, not his. Notice that the first time he expressed any interest in following a government is after his (more or less) private army was responsible for the killing of dozens of innocent citizens.
I think it’s a little more nuanced than that. I think he was suitably traumatized by flying a nuke through a wormhole and it convinced him that a concerted effort was needed to defend the Earth and that didn’t leave room for lone heroes anymore. No doubt he was also traumatized by the collateral damage inflicted in the process and, yes, part of it probably has to do with the guilt from that. PTSD will do that to you.

Yes, he’s looking for ways to alleviate his guilt, but that doesn’t mean it actually will, like a switch in his head, if something happens again, even with the fig leaf of a charter (or whatever) to cover him legally. A degree of irrationality is to be expected given his... condition.

Certainly there is more to him and Captain America both than the one-layer deep treatment that a certain other Disney-owned franchise is doing with its characters.

And don't forget, in Civil War, Captain America saw the government deploying three large warships whose first duty was to murder anyone that might challenge or even speak up against their order. Yes, it was Hydra doing that, but Hydra was deeply embedded in the government and whose to say that they caught everyone this time? Not to mention what Fury had been up to.
Wait, wait... so you’re telling me that the government is controlled by the Nazis, or rather the same people who controlled the Nazis, and that's why Cap gets to engage in armed rebellion against it? Sounds too far fetched to me, like one of those sovereign citizen conspiracy theories or something. Next thing you know, he’ll be signing his name STEVE ROGERS, all caps, and insisting that liberated him and any subsidiary personalities, trademark notwithstanding.

(Note that the above is based on the movies, I've not been keeping up on the TV shows or comics.)
Totally with you there.

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