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Originally Posted by ASL View Post
True, I just get a little uneasy with his rhetoric because once you establish yourself as beholden only to the spirit of the law, as you interpret it, and only when the law is just (again, as you interpret it)... Youíre really just one "misfiled" tax return away from being a sovereign citizen. Yes, Iím exaggerating, but not nearly as much as I wish. For all T. Stark behaves like a jerk, at least heís a jerk with some appreciation for government and the rule of law.

I did some googling for Captain America and sovereign citizens before I made my initial post and was surprised the movement hasnít claimed him yet. For now I guess his interpretation of the spirit of the law doesnít leave enough room for them. For now. Just wait until he gets a little older and starts looking to protect his piece of the pie from all the "freeloaders" out there who never took up a shield, stood on that thin gray line of law and justice, and risked it all to say "no, you move" like he did to to earn his keep.

Like a wise man once said: you either die a hero...
The species of sovereign citizens I'm familiar with are all about the letter above the spirit of the law. They think they've found loopholes in the laws that mean they can do whatever they want regardless of what the law is intended to do. Cap's less than lawful alignment conflicts with that.
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