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Jolly Roger

Originally Posted by Beejtronic View Post
...a list of Canadian chain restaurants and was actually surprised at how many I didn't realize were Canadian only. (Or with only a few shops in the US.)

Booster Juice
Swiss Chalet
East Side Mario's
Jack Astor's
New York Fries
Pizza Pizza (aka Canadian House of Pizza and Garbage)
Second Cup
Do I detect a Judge John Hodgman listener in that list?

I ran across a Jack Astor's and multiple Swiss Chalets, but didn't eat at either.

Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
I take it you already have Tim Horton's in your part of the US.
They put a lot of Tim Hortons in my city several years back, they have been closing them in the last couple of years, but we have a couple that remain.

I think they're okay, though I have to admit one of the best breakfasts of my life was at a Tim Hortons. It was after 10 days of meditation where my diet consisted of oatmeal for breakfast, vegetarian stir fry for lunch and tea for dinner so that might have influenced my feelings in the moment.
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