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Originally Posted by Hans Off View Post
This video of an 8 year old girl absolutley nailing John Bonham’s drum line for “Good Times Bad Times” by Led Zeppelin

Watch her do the fast bass drum triplets with ONE PEDAL!
Originally Posted by musicgeek View Post
That is awesome. Even more impressive than her chops (the triplets, the fast tom fills) is how well she knows the arrangement - the isolated hi-hat hits, the cymbal grabs... and even better than that is the pure joy on her face. Thanks for sharing!
Originally Posted by Hans Off View Post
Oh yes. It far from a repetition by rote, she has the soul of the peice flowing through her.
Nothing musical to add. But her playing is on fire. She looks like she really enjoys playing drums! I'm not musical, but I could appreciate her skill. 2 hands and a foot seemingly all doing their own things, but synched up nicely.

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