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As I mentioned before, we can't get Spectrum cable here due to a financial dispute with the town(although we can get internet and phone through them). I had internet hooked up about a week after I moved in, then DirecTV a week or so later. As it turned out, when Spectrum installed the internet, they used DirecTV's hookups, so when I finally got TV, I lost the internet. I was told I would have to call Spectrum again and have them run a separate line. Due to phone anxiety and a fear of Spectrum's notoriously crappy customer service, I put off calling until Tuesday, and as I expected, it took about twenty minutes of runaround trying to explain the situation (and me hanging up in frustration at one point)before we got on the same page. This morning, the technician showed up and installed the line.

TL, DR: I now have TV and internet at the same time.
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