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Originally Posted by Kallah View Post
I can tie my shoes! I had gallbladder removal surgery last week and was told that I should be back up and running as normal, minus lifting anything heavy, in about a week. The first few days were absolutely awful, and I had no idea how I'd be doing anything other than reading in bed any time soon, but sure enough the last few days everything has been really been getting better. Small victories feel fantastic.
My wife is in a similar situation - she injured her knee in a fall at the end of April, tearing the quad tendon in her left knee. A week later, she had surgery, and was pretty unhappy for a couple of days after. There were some ups and downs over the last few weeks, and I stayed home for two weeks being her go-fer and chauffeur, but as of today, she is officially capable of driving herself, has over 90 degrees of bend in the knee, and doesn't have to wear her leg brace to bed any more. She is VERY happy! And please accept my cheers to you for your recovery! Those victories and milestones are fantastic!
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