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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
Yeah, I noticed that, crocoduck_hunter.

Harassing women isn't a red flag, apparently; it's just normal.
Pretty much, Iím afraid. Most of these mass shooters will invariably turn out to have domestic violence charges on their record. Battered spouses, girlfriends, and kids are the canaries in the coal mine when it comes to these jerkwads. The latest asshole mass shooter may not have those kind of charges on his record, but with the harassment complaints thatís not much of an accomplishment.

From the looks of things, this asshole bears sins of the same sense of overentitlement of most mass shooters. Basically, if you read any of their writings or whatever they left behind, their grievances can be summed up as, ďI havenít been given everything that is rightfully mine, so Iím going to throw a lead-filled temper tantrum. Then theyíll be sorry.Ē

All that, combined with a culture that conditions them to see women as a reward, and itís not too surprising that they have a history of abuse or harassment of women. Itís even more infuriating with all the tacit or outward blame laid at the feet of women for all this. Apparently, itís the duty of women everywhere to rehabilitate assholes with our vaginas, in hopes that they wonít kill everyone. Yet at the same time, the common response to an abused spouse is, ďWhy didnít they leave?!Ē
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