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I'm not sure what you mean about "reported" being a red herring. What I meant was that the people who were saying there were no red flags might not have known about the shooter's previous behavior to at least one young woman in the school, because she might not have reported it to anyone other than, apparently, her mother.

The behavior as the mother described it doesn't sound like anything that could plausibly have been reported to the police. But it sounds as if it could have been reported to teachers, and/or to whatever process (if any) the school has for dealing with bullying and/or sexual harassment between students. Whether it was so reported I have no idea. Whether the school has any setup for dealing with such things I also have no idea; though I think that they ought to.

Part of the point I was trying to make is exactly that such behavior isn't generally seen as a red flag. And it ought to be -- not that everybody who pulls this crap, especially in their teens, is going to start shooting; but that it's a warning sign of quite possibly further trouble of some sort coming up in the future, especially if it's allowed to continue as if it should be considered normal.

-- UEL, the USA's been through worse. I really wouldn't write us off just yet.
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