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Originally Posted by Psihala View Post
Perfectly normal high school behavior.
Not to comment on you specifically, but I have 2 comments:

- some of the officials saying that they did not observe "red flags" have very limited areas within which they can explore. Police, for example, do not monitor all social media, only when it is brought to their attention as part of a complaint or investigation. Imagine the privacy complaints there would be if the police were able to monitor all social media. So, if this horrible person had no interractions with the police, you'd expect no "red flags" from the police.

- And, given what I see about US high schools, and what is on the media, those posts, and love of guns is perfectly normal American high school behaviour. You have people praising young women of college, high school and older ages for shoving pistols in their belts, wearing guns to prom, bringing firearms with them to the store. Let alone what American boys are being praised to do. So, aggressive social media posts, Born to Kill t-shirts (from Full Metal Jacket, I would expect) and dozens of photos with guns is perfectly normal for America.

Your country is too far down the slippery slope to save, I suspect. Because of the lax concern for weapons and highly charged identity politics, I fear the US will never recover. People are afraid and will demand more guns because there have been so many of "them" that have had access to guns that they need more to protect themselves, even preemptively.
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