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Not doing well this week!

1. I play enough games that I should surely know this... er... the famous 1932 Hartford Leatherworks, makers of the PsychoKiller Sneakers I - IV series? Does the "soft" in Ubisoft actually refer to soft leather rather than software as one might think? Maybe leather manufacture involves Valves somehow? I'm sure it must be obvious but I'm drawing a blank.

2. British Columbia and Alberta, I guess.

3. -

4. I have a vague idea that it's testicles, but I might be thinking of something else entirely.

5. "Celestial object" - so Pluto?

6. I suspect it's Timothy Dalton, since there was a bit of a fuss about his Bond being sponsored by BMW. (Connery, Moore and Craig all definitely have; it's tempting to go for Lazenby on the grounds of only one film, but I think his film starts off in an Aston Martin when his wife gets shot. I'm sticking with my guess.)

I've not even heard of most of the people in question 7...
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