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Tuesday trivia time.


1. What's the usual American name for the children's game called "Chinese whispers" in Britain?
"Chinese whispers" is a game of whispering sentences that are so hard to hear they might as well be in a different language. We call it "telephone."

2. What man's death in August 2014 was ruled a homicide, though the fatal bullet had been fired 33 years prior?
Former Reagan press secretary James Brady died in 2014 from gunshot wounds inflicted by John Hinckley, Jr. decades before.

3. In an electric circuit, a rheostat is the most common "variable" type of what component?
It's a variable resistor.

4. Robin Williams' first and last Oscar nominations were for movies whose titles begin with what word?
Good Morning Vietnam and Good Will Hunting both begin with the same word: "The." They are actually titled The Good Morning Vietnam and The Good Will Hunting. No, come on, that's not true.

5. In 1800, Josiah Spode revolutionized the fine china industry by adding what ingredient to his firm's porcelain clay?
It's called bone china because it actually contains calcinated animal bones. Enjoy your skeleton tea, sickos!

6. What nation is divided into 34 provinces, the two newest being West Sulawesi and North Kalimantan?
Kalimantan is the Indonesian part of Borneo, and Sulawesi is the Indonesian island formerly known as Celebes.

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these famous people? Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Henry VIII, Thomas Jefferson, Lucretia Mott, John D. Rockefeller, John Ruskin, Sun Yat-sen, Rabindranath Tagore, Booker T. Washington.
Each one founded a college or university--or is at least credited by some modern school as a co-founder, due to their service on the first board or something. Albert Einstein and Oral Roberts have SO MUCH in common.


1. What unusual effect is produced by photographing a scene with the selective focus technique called "tilt-shift"?

2. Two Korean family names are so common that one in every three South Koreans has one of them. Name either of the two most common Korean surnames.

3. What kind of body tissue is affected by myopathy?

4. What host, whose show originated in Dayton, Ohio in 1967, had the top-rated daytime talk show in America until Oprah Winfrey dethroned him in 1986?

5. According to the title of his latest album, Justin Timberlake is a "Man of" what unexpected locale?

6. What successor weapon to the catapult takes its name from the French word for "to overthrow"?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these teams? Boston Braves, Brooklyn Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians, Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Senators.

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