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The by applause was intended to choose the challenge, not the winner of the challenge.

I like the CFL and its sets of rules. I still get confused by some of the differences between NFL and CFL rules (interpretations of certain aspects are different between the two leagues) but see the merit in both versions.

I just fear that most of the rules proposed here take too much of the excitement out.

And for the record, as a referee for the sport, the kickoff and punt is not the most dangerous play as there is a penalty for violating the 5 yard radius for a player getting the ball. The most dangerous is the player catching a ball mid field while stationary. There is no buffer and that player can be hit from 360 degrees by linebackers and safeties coming full tilt. I've seen more players down from that than I ever have from a kickoff.

However, that is one official's perspective, not a statistical assessment.
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