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I just read Numero Zero by Umberto Eco (his last novel before he died), which is about some people setting up dummy issues of a possibly "fake" but definitely very cynical newspaper that's not intended ever to be real. So it's partly an exploration of the ways in which the media can create stories from nothing, or find stories if nothing is happening. It's set in the early '90s before the web, but was published in 2015 or 2016 I think.

One tip that the more cynical journalists give is that you can create a story whenever you like by reporting something sensationalistic or contentious from a long time ago, as though it's only just been discovered. You might need a new angle on it, or some hook to suggest that it's suddenly more important than before, but otherwise, the idea was that most readers would have forgotten that it was already well-known from a long time ago, and the story could live again, thus making people buy copies of your newspaper, or in modern terms, click on articles.

Without having read Sue's OP link, this story strikes me as being in that genre.
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